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Lez Guckin Fo

made by degens for degens
Did you know

90% of new tokens on coin listing sites are made by scammers and voted by mafia bots

Project Rationale

We feel that coin listings websites are mostly funded by scammers and run by bots.

A lot of the pro degen traders now are getting their gem calls direct from communities in Twitter and Telegram groups. 

We feel there's more protection if there's a reputation at stake.

Don't be stupid

We do not audit any of the projects listed
We do not know any of the researchers.
We cannot guarantee if projects will not rug.

There's always a new opportunity everyday.
Do not FOMO
Do not put all of your money into one single trade
Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose

Stay Smart

Rich degens are smart traders.

They average in and out of projects
They diversify into different projects
They are not emotionally invested
They only allocate a small part of their portfolio for degen trading
They can lose everything without getting financial rekt.

What is LGF

LGF is a reputation-based coin-calling platform built for Telegram communities.

By creating a community-centric call listing site, we are hoping to provide a better platform to reputable calling groups and protect users from highly funded scam projects on coin listing sites.

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